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Wednesday, 3 June 2020

We're back making wristwarmers

Not made any wristwarmers this year as we've been busy doing beanies & scarves ready to post out when all this covid19 stuff is over with.

But since I've been doing the new style beanies with the ribbed cuff I've been meaning to try the same thing with the beanies and last week I did.

Must say, they are much nicer than the ones I was doing before and they fit better too. I guess we learn as we progress and I'm really pleased that I gave it a try.

Made 7 pairs so farand I'm hoping to get a good stast of them ready to post out when hubby is able to get into town to the PO. We are both currently isolating as we have long term health issues so getting to the PO is a no no at the moment.

This was one of the very first pair of wristwarmers I made in 2018

and these are the latest ones!!

I am making them longer and the cuff means they have a better fit around the wrist so hopefully they will be ok for the guys who receive them.

So beanie & scarf production is on hold for the moment as I have run out of space to store them, Who would believe that the finished articles take up more space than the balls of yarn!!!

Anyway, doing the wristwarmers makes a nice change.

That's all from me for now.

Take care.

Monday, 4 May 2020

Still making.

If you read my last post you will know that I have suspended the posting out of the beanies & scarves to the homeless outreach projects that I support.

However, that doesn't mean that I've stopped crocheting. I've still been making beanies and parcelling them up but I am slowly running out of space - I currently have 7 parcels of 12 beanies stashed around the flat so have had to put a hold on making anymore for now.

However I was getting itchy fingers staring at my stash of yarn so had a go at making some of those mask extenders that a lot of people have been making. 

Found a very easy pattern video to follow and then I was off. Great way to use up all those bits of yarn!!

I've made 69 so far so you can probably guess that my button stash is now a lot smaller than it was!!!

2 packs of 12 have been donated so far, 1 pack to a local Bute based organisation that is helping deliver food parcels etc and another has gone out to a GP surgery in Elgin. Plus a local lady who is a care worker collected one at the weekend.

I'm happy to send some to anyone who would like some so just contact me via my FB page or inbox me via Twitter with how many you would like & your postal address & I will happily send you some.

Until next time.

Friday, 17 April 2020

Still on lockdown

Hello, hope everyone is doing ok.

Just another quick update from me. I am still crocheting beanies and currently have 5 parcels of a dozen beanies all parcelled up ready to go in the post when this is all over.

I can't post out at the moment as both myself and hubby are self isolating as we bothe have long term health issues so hubby, who usually goes into town to post the parcels, isn't going anywhere at the moment.

A lot of the homeless outreach projects who do an amazing job around the country supporting people on the streets have had to stop the work they do due to the restrictions. You may have heard via the media that homeless people are now being accomodated in hotels etc but sadly not all of them are and there are still many who are out on the streets. All we can be thankful for is that the weather is improving slightly and it's not as cold & wet as it has been in recent months.

Foodbanks are also running out of supplies so please, if you have one near you then drop a few items in their baskets.

Another way you can help is by donating to the Masato Jones Homeless Outreach Hamper fund which supplies essential items like t-bags, tampons, socks, underwear etc to various outreach projects around the UK.

Stay safe folks.

Thursday, 19 March 2020

Normal service will be resumed shortly.

As coronovirus sweeps the country and most of the world, everyone is having to make decisions and that includes me.

I have taken the decision to temporarily suspend the posting out of the parcels of scarves & beanie hats that I have been making and donating to homeless outreach projects around the UK. 

I rely on my husband to go into town to the PO for me and as we both have health issues, neither of us can afford to be in a situation where we might be infected. 

It was a hard decison to make as I know just how bad the situation is for those who are homeless especially at the moment but I will be directing my efforts elsewhere to help raise awareness of the work that others are doing. . 

Thank you to everyone who has supported the work I do with donations of yarn, it is much appreciated. 

I shall still be crocheting and building up a stock of scarves & beanies to send out at a later date.

Friday, 6 March 2020

Spring is on the way, apparently!!!

Well, we are now into March and Spring is nearly upon us, apparently!!
I say apparently, because up here on the west coast of Scotland, whilst we might have had a few days of sunshine, it is still very cold and I can see that there is still snow on the hills from my window!!

Thankfully, I don't have to sleep outside at night, huddled in a shop doorway somewhere. But plenty of people have no choice and the recent visits by Storm Dennis & Storm Jorge must have been unbearable.

I follow a lot of homeless outreach projects on social media and they have been working flat out to provide hot food & drinks, sleeping bags, socks, warm clothing etc.

As you know if you've been following the blog or the updates on the FB page I have been concentrating on making crochet beanies and have so far this year made 144, most of which have been sent out around the UK. 

I've been averaging around 15/18 beanies a week!!!

Been using up my yarn stash!!

This weekend I shall be making up another couple of parcels to go out in the post next week. 

Don't forget to check out the website and keep up to date on what I've been up to there.

Until next time!!

Sunday, 19 January 2020

Beanies Galore

Well, we started making beanie hats at the beginning of this year after we found an easy to follow video over on Youtube.

It is now the 19th January and our total of made beanies now stands at 43.

Using up all my stash of yarn so getting some fab & funky hats!!
Also in various sizes which is good. I'm following the same pattern but using different yarn & needle sizes so they are all slightly different.

Really enjoying making them - makes a change from wrist warmers & scarves although I shall soon be maing more of those too as I sent off 2 big parcels this past week - to Manchester & Birmingham.

But for now, I'm concentrating on the beanies and will be sending some out soon as the cold & wet weather looks set to continue.

Right, where did I put my crochet hook?

Sunday, 5 January 2020

We're starting 2020 where we left 2019 - crocheting like crazy!!

Well, 2020 is now well & truly here.
I've have been busy crocheting all over the festive period & have even found the time to start something new.
I've been looking for an easy (& I mean really easy) beanie hat video to follow for a few weeks now as I wanted to make some to go with the scarves & the wrist warmers.
I can't follow written patterns to save my life so needed a simple video to follow. 
The one I settled on was fairly straightforward so on Saturday I set too & gave it a go. I didn't use the same yarn as she did - mainly because it was a US video & I have no idea what "worsted weight" yarn is. Anyhow, I just used some machine knit yarn I had and doubled it up and went for it.
The pattern proved easy enough to follow even for me and I was pleased with the result - even if it was a bit on the small side!!!
It was supposed to be an adult medium size but it might just about fit a child. But never mind, at least it looks like a beanie hat which is all that matters to me.

Feeling confident, I dug out some DK yarn & used a bigger needle & made another one.

This was was much better. Sizing was much better - it fit me perfectly!!

You can see the difference between the 2 of them here!!!
I followed the same pattern exactly!!

Anyhow, I'm now halfway through another one so be prepared to see lots of beanie hats in the coming weeks.
The weather is set to get colder so these will make a much welcome addition to the parcels I send out.

I'm hoping to get some parcels out in the next couple of weeks - just waiting to hear which homeless outreach projects want some items.

We've updated the website for the start of the New Year so please pop over & have a look. 

See you soon for another update.