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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Midsummer madness

Well, July us almost at an end - where has this year gone?

Already seeing posts on FB for "whispers" - Christmas!!!!!

Not been doing much crafting lately - mostly due to ill health but I do have the occasional burst of creativity and manage to make a few things.

Been using up some of my stash of beads so have been making lots of beaded bracelets. These will be packed up later on and sent off to AMMF for them to pass onto others who are doing fundraising events.

Made quite a few bracelets but you can't see where I've been in the stash of beads!!!! Guess I need to make some more!!

The total of sales made so far this year is £187.50 which of course will be split at the end of the year between AMMF and WCSUK.

The womb cancer auction will be at the end of September - already have some items in the album which you can see here

See you soon.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Where is summer?

Well, July has arrived but sadly summer seems to have got lost somewhere.
The weather up here on west coast of Scotland has been more like November than June and July.
The sun is trying to shine today - in between the heavy showers!!!

Sadly, there isn't much to talk about really as sales have been very slow - mainly due to FB not showing posts. Post reach is down to single figures on most posts despite me having nearly 800 likers. Getting a but depressed to be honest so I can understand how some of the small businesses are feeling.
Not made a sale since the end of May now so the amount of money that I'm raising for AMMF and WCSUK is looking a bit disappointing. Hopefully things will pick up towards the end of the year.

Found a stash of lovely handmade focal beads that I hadn't found a use for so have turned them into some funky pendants with some suede effect tassels that I bought for something else. Quite pleased with the results.

You can find these and the others on the FB page

I am also sorting things out for the next auction which will be for womb cancer and will be at the end of September. Already have some lovely items listed - you can check the album out here 
Hopefully we have a few more donated items to come so am looking forward to adding them soon.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.