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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Local arts club summer exhibition.

Well, our local arts club here on Isle of Bute had its summer exhibition last weekend and as we are members we put some items in. Sadly, due to bad weather and the facts that there were several other events on over the weekend, the exhibition didn't get many visitors but never mind.

This was some of our work on display. The paintings are hubbies - you can see his website here and the altered canvas with the sugar skull and the woven panels are mine, along with the elephants which are decoupage canvas panels.
We didn't sell any of these pieces but I sold a few other bits of craft work so it wasn't a total waste of time!!

There was some lovely art and craft work on display and I bought a lovely pot from a couple who make pottery here on the island.

The island has a lot of artists and craftspeople and its great to see what other people make. The club has a Facebook page here

Once I've got everything packed away that we bought back I shall be thinking about having a go at something new - just got to decide what!!!