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Saturday, 6 August 2016

The end is nigh......sadly.

Well, thanks to some nasty vindictive lowlife my fundraising efforts will shortly cease.
I have apparently been reported to the DWP for benefiting from what I do and my husband was called into the local job centre on Thursday for what he believed was a routine interview.
The woman immediately started talking about me and what I do with Womb Cancer Support UK (WCSUK) and my other fundraising activities and said that an anonymous call had been made to the DWP fraudline saying that I was profiting from the money I raised.
Thankfully hubby knows enough about what I do to be able to explain to her and she accepted his explanation and said no further action would be taken.

When he came back home and told me what had happened I think you can guess my reaction. I have always been totally open about what I do; I keep records of everything and have always donated 100% of proceeds to the charity or good causes concerned.
To suggest that I have been somehow profiting out of what I do with WCSUK made me so angry. I have spent the last 5+ years working so hard to raise awareness of womb cancer and support women who have been diagnosed whilst dealing with the long term side effects of my own womb cancer diagnosis and treatment. I raise funds not only to support the awareness campaign that we run but also for various other good causes and have raised a few thousand pounds over the past 6 years for Macmillan; CRUK and many other charities etc.

I have taken the decision therefore to stop selling my handmade items which ultimately means that all the various charities and good causes I support will no longer benefit. The woman from the DWP said that if I was reported again, which is highly likely if the person concerned is as nasty and vindictive as they would appear, then they would have to investigate again and the assessor may not be so willing to accept the explanation next time.

WCSUK has and always will be my priority and I will not let anything harm what I do there. I have had some wonderful messages of support from the women in the chat group and other friends and I will continue to do what I believe to be the right thing.