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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Did someone mention Christmas?

If you know me, then you know that we don't "do" Christmas! Apart from the fact that we're not religious, neither myself or my husband are into all the commercialism and materialistic crap that goes with it. Far too much money and natural resources wasted on just one day so for the past 20+ years we haven't bothered.

25th December is just like any other day in our house. On Christmas days here on the island, before I was diagnosed,  we used to go out for a long walk on the day. For the past 7 years we've just spent the day doing the same as we usually do - which isn't much very exciting!!

Having one of my regular sort outs recently I cam across a few packs of card blanks that I've had for ages and never got round to using and before you know it, I was making Christmas cards!!!!

Now, don't get too excited - I've not converted and come over all festive!!! I'm going to be donating them to one of my good causes  - sending out Christmas cards is another thing we don't do either.

So, if you see me covered in glitter and sequins then you'll know what's been happening. Hopefully I won't enjoy this creative process too much otherwise it might become an annual event!!!

Bah, humbug!! xxx

Monday, 3 October 2016

The end is nigh - well not quite!!!

If you read my last post then will remember that I had been reported to the DWP for allegedly benefiting from my fundraising activities! The allegation was made anonymously via the DWP fraud-line and my husband was called into our local job centre for an interview.

Thankfully they accepted that it was a malicious allegation and no further action is being taken but it made me so angry that I decided to stop fundraising for the charities and good causes I support.

However, after having time to think about it, if I do that then that means that the nasty person who reported me has won (and the charities and good causes are the loosers) so I have come up with an alternative solution.

I am still making my jewellery and other items but am now sending them directly to the organisations I support for them to sell or pass on to other people who are fundraising for them. That way I am still supporting the good causes close to my heart but can no have the finger pointed at me for benefiting from what I do.

I sent off a box full of handmade goodies to AMMF earlier this year and will be sending them another one in the run up to Xmas and have recently sent a box of items to Dr Hadwens Trust who are the UK's leading non animal research charity. They have a charity shop in Hitchen and I sent the items there for them to resell.

As well as some of my handmade jewellery and accessories there was also some of Terry's artwork which he very kindly donated.

Hopefully it will help raise some pennies for the great work that Dr Hadwens do.

Still got lots of handmade goodies left so will be parcelling up some more in the coming weeks. I'm not about to let some nasty, spiteful person stop me raising funds for the organisations that are close to my heart.

Kaz xx