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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Shameless self-promotion!

I don't usually go in for full-on self promotion but needs must - I have to pay for a new fridge freezer so any sales would be very welcome!
Its only 18 days till Christmas and I had hoped to have made a couple of sales by now, but have had nothing since mid October!
So here goes - shameless plugging of my jewellery!! http://www.folksy.com/items/1028033-Jade-and-Serpentine-Necklace?shop=yes





So there you have it! Just a few of the jewellery items in my store. There are some great little stocking fillers there and also some original artwork!
Please have a look, and whilst you are there why not have a look at some of the other lovely shops on Folksy!

Keep warm!

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