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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Project Declutter

Over the past few weeks hubby and I have been having a major clear out.
A combination of too much stuff and a very small flat has meant that we have had to be pretty ruthless and get rid of a lot of stuff.
The fact that I do a lot of different craft stuff and hubby likes to paint and therefore has a lot of art related stuff means that our tiny flat is bursting at the seams so it was time to bite the bullet!
I set up a FB page specifically for all our junk - I mean precious stash of goodies!!
Quite a lot has sold but there is still some stuff left if you are interested. Why not pop over and have a look here
As is usually the case, you can't see where the stuff has gone from. The flat seems just as cluttered as it was beforehand!!
Never mind, at least its forced us to have a good sort out and I even came across some stuff that I had forgotten about!!
Happy Spring Cleaning!!

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