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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Happy Easter.

Well, tomorrow is Easter Sunday and I hope the easter bunny will be good to you and bring you lots of chocolate!

Been a few weeks since the last blog post, sorry about that but I've been busy with my womb cancer organisation and not had much time for crafting.

I have however been able to make a couple more of the stitched projects I was doing. However, this time I didn't make then into wall hangings - no, I'm getting adventurous now!! I found a stash of canvas bags that I had bought some years ago hidden in the back of the wardrobe. Some of them I had tie-dyed so I stitched these panels onto the bags.


Yes, I know they need a good iron but seeing as they are going back into the wardrobe for a while I'll do it later!!!
Also started doing a spot of weaving. It's something I have wanted to do for years but have never had the space for a table top loom but I was watching some videos on Youtube last week and found some great video's on how to improvise. Now I am a great fan of making do with what you have if you can so I set too with my stash of yarn and came up with these mini wall hangings.
This was my first attempt. Very tiny one, wrapped the warp threads round a A5 sized hardback notebook.
Tensions not really good but not bad for a 1st attempt.

This was the 2nd attempt. By now I had progressed from using the notebook to using a small rigid plastic loom board that I bought off ebay. Measures about 9cm x 16cm but so much easier to use than the notebook!! It has grooves along both edges so the warp threads don't slip all over the place.

The 3rd attempt was even better as I
was now getting used to getting the tension right.

So, I have been having some fun and hopefully will have more lovely handmade goodies to show you next time.
Enjoy the Bank Holiday. xx

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