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Saturday, 20 February 2010

Time for a clear out!!!!

Sitting around unable to do much since I came out of hospital, I have suddenly realised just how much craft stuff that I have! Nearly every drawer is stuffed full of beads; paper; card blanks; jewellery findings; etc,etc,etc!!!

So its time for a clear out! I need the space - desperately!!!

So I have opened another store on Folksy and am slowly filling it with craft items! If you do anything "crafty" then why not pop over and have a look - I will combine postage for multiple purchases and even throw in some extra's if you mention the blog!! (See how desperate I am to get rid of the stuff!!!)

There are all sorts of jewellery charms; paper serviettes for decoupage; orphan beads; mosaic tiles; and anything else that I can find over the next few days or weeks!!

I love to make things so over the years I have accumulated a huge stash of stuff and because I like to try different crafts, that has made the situation worse!! We only have a 2 room flat and as Hubby is an artist - well you can guess that its a little cramped for space in here!


Anyway, have fun looking!


  1. I'm doing much the same thing!! I've got rid of lots of wool and some beads, but still have tons of stuff I probably won't use. I'll go take a look at your stuff though, can't help myself!
    pam x

  2. I have given so much stuff away to the charity shops recently that when I go in there for a mooch around - its all my stuff on the shelves!!!!

  3. Hi, I've awarded your blog a sunshine award to View my post on who i've nominated goto. http://faeryatrix.blogspot.com/2010/02/my-nominees-for-sunshine-award-sunshine.html