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Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Tomorrow, I start a course of chemotherapy at The Beatson Centre, in Glasgow.
Am I scared? You bet - well, who wouldn't be! I guess its that fear of the unknown! Is my hair gonna fall out? I am gonna be constantly feeling sick? Will it work? All these thoughts, and many more, running around in my head all day (and during the night - hence the sleepless nights).
I am trying to keep a positive attitude but its so hard!
Its now over 6 weeks since I had the hysterectomy and I've had no problem with that thankfully. No nausea, no pain, the wound has healed well so that I'm hoping that I have as much good luck with the chemo!!
However, my creative jewellery mojo has disappeared so its been a long 6 weeks - stuck at home with nothing to do! I've read at least 3 books; countless magazines passed on to me by thoughtful neighbours and chrocheted 3 scarves to wear!! I have also re-arranged the furniture many times (in my head) and planned the garden bedding scheme for the summer!!!!
Oh well, guess I better get my bag packed for the ovrnight stay in the hospital! I just hope that the vegetarian option is better there than at the last hospital!!!

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  1. I hope your chemo goes well with as little sickness as possible,
    I understand how awful it is to not only feel ill but to have no creative mojo and it can get very depressing. (I've been there) It will come back!!!
    pam xx