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Thursday, 18 March 2010

Angels, Bunnies and Woolie hats!!

When I was told just before Christmas that I had cancer, I made the decison to be open about it and not hide the fact that I was ill! This wasn't me being brave (I'm anything but - as my husband will tell you when I see a spider!!) just honest!

I told my family and close friends before I had my hysterectomy and when the pathology results came back and showed that there was still some cancer cells present; I then decided to tell everyone! Not (as I have been accused of!) because I want sympathy - but because I feel that there is too much taboo of this issue and cancer is often seen as something that kills! Yes, it does sometimes mean that the person dies but often, its treatable and many people who get cancer go on to live for many, many more years!

The amount of love and kindness that has flowed my way since I was diagnosed has been overwhelming and has touched my heart!

I have people praying for me; lighting candles for me; sending me healing energy; and people sending me bouquets of flowers and gifts!

Some of the most lovely gifts have come from people that I don't know! Well, when I say I don't know them - I guess I do in a way! They are some of my fellow crafters from Folksy. People I chat on-line to on the forums!

When I mentioned that I would be loosing my hair,
a lovely lady offered to make me a hat to wear! It
arrived in the post and when I tried it on - it
reduced me to tears! Not at the thought of loosing my
lovely long black locks, but at the love and kindness that
had gone into making it!

Thank you Sue! It is a lovely hat and I will wear it with pride when my hair does fall out!

Next day, the postman arrived with another small parcel and
inside was a little angel sent to look after me!

She has been clipped to my hospital bag so will be with me when I go for my next chemotherapy sessions!

Thank you Michelle.

Today, arrived a strange little box! I thought I could hear rustling
inside so very carefully opened the parcel! Inside was a note giving me the details of the occupant!
This cute little thing is Bimble Bunny!
Thank you Anna!
So, here I am, surrounded by the love of family and friends, and with a cute pink bunny and a sparkly angel to look after me and a lovely woolie hat to keep my head warm!
Cancer is not a sentence - its a word!
I intend to have the last word!!
Many thanks to all you lovely people! xx


  1. What a touching blog, Kaz - didn't want to make you cry, though ! I'm impressed by your honesty about the cancer, it shouldn't be a taboo because of the evidence showing that the emotional support and positive outlook have great influence over the outcome.

  2. Well put. YOur attitude is excellent and an example to us all to get to grips with unnecessarily taboo subjects like cancer and give them an airing.