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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Fundraising Project

As some of you will know, I am currently receiving chemotherapy treatment and I am seeing a wonderful lady, called Morag, who is my Macmillan nurse. She has been a wonderful source support for me, and knowing that Macmillan rely on donations to fund the work that they do, I wanted to try and raise some funds for them!

Now, I'm not up to running marathons or climbing moutains at the moment but I can manage to get my stash of beads out and make
some jewellery to sell!

But I wanted to do something slightly different, then I
remembered about my stash of old and broken bits of jewellery
that I keep buying from the charity shops and never get round
to doing anything with!!

So I got it all out on Friday and have spent the past 2 days playing
around with all the beads and bits and have made some pieces of
jewellery and then decided to open another store on Folksy in
which to sell it!


I then mentioned it on my Facebook page and also on the Folksy
forums and before you know it some of the wonderful people there had offered to donate things to the shop! A FB friend sent me a
huge parcel of old jewellery and beads that have me going into
raptures!!!!! I just love beads!!!

This is where she sells some of her jewellery!

Then another parcel arrived with some lovely orphan beads in from Jacqui at

I've already made a sale from the shop - a lovely black bead bracelet on its way to Sue

100% of the price from each item sold will be donated to our local Macmillan fundraising group here on the island.

Well, I guess I better get back to my beads and make some more items
to stock the shop!

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