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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Kind Hearts.

The good nature of some people never fails to amaze me! I set up my store on Folksy at the weekend to raise funds for Macmillan and within hours had offers of items from fellow Folksters!

I've already made 3 sales! All money raised will be handed over to our local Macmillan Fundraising group here on the island.

Some of the wonderful people at Folksy have listed some items in their own stores especially for this cause! One of them is Karine at thepinkfairycake - go have a look at this (and the rest of her shop please)


Its good enough to eat!!!!

Looking for a great card? Check out this one by Di at Adien Crafts
She makes some lovely cards!

Another lovely lady, Sue, has put some lovely flower brooches in her shop for Macmillan. Check them out!

I have also decided to add my destash store to this fundraising effort - so all money made from sales here http://www.folksy.com/shops/ButeBitsandBobs will go to Macmillan aswell!

This is something else that raised funds for Macmillan here on the island a couple of weeks ago.
Everyone had a great time!

The offers are still coming in so I'll be updating you all again soon!

I go for my 2nd chemo session on Thursday! The hair has started to fall out so its time to get my hats out. Mind you, I'll need to velcro them to my head as its blowing a gale outside at the moment!!!

See you soon!!

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