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Thursday, 1 April 2010

No April Fool!!

Well, I will be off shortly for my 2nd chemo session! Thankfully the bad weather that we had here on Tuesday has gone and (hopefully) the ferries are running!
I'm all packed and ready for my transport pick up about 8.30am!
Just wanted to let you know about another lovely item that has been donated to my Macmillan fundraising
This is a stunning piece by Frances! Please have a look at it! Its going to a great cause!

I'm not looking forward to 2 days of hospital food! Contrary to the myth, the vegetarian option is not better than the normal food! I have no idea who thought that one up! Last time, I was tempted by the chicken korma and rice when they gave me a small slice of cheese quiche and some green beans!!! It seems that salad is rarely on the menu!
The Government and the NHS spend £millions promoting "5aday" yet when you go into hospital and need good nutrition - its not there!!!!
OK, no time for a full rant today!!

See you soon!