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Saturday, 10 April 2010

I need a Tardis!!!

This flat is bursting at the seams - the dining room table hasn't seen the light of day for about 4 years!!!!
We have 2 rooms - plus a small shower room/loo! Thats it!! Hubby is an artist and I "craft"! Therefore we have no space!!! Every last nook and cranny is packed tight with canvases; packets of earring findings; tubs of paint; etc. Not to mention all the books; cd's; vinyl LP's; camping equipment and general everyday stuff like clothes and cooking equipment!!!
No matter how many times I list stuff on Ebay - the flat is not getting any emptier!!
And its not like we buy much! We don't!! We just accumulate stuff! I'm sure that it creeps through the letterbox in the dead of night and makes itself comfortable under the table!!
So in yet another desperate attempt to make some space, I am having another sort out! I have decided that its time to prioritise my crafting and stop trying to have a go at everything and anything! Trouble is, I like playing! I've made cards; done candles; decoupage; crochet; painted; mosaics; plasterwork; jewellery; made paper!!! The list goes on!!!

Its amazing what I've found! Check this lot out!!


And if you love crafting and surprises then you'll love this lot!


I've even got round to sorting out my bookcases - well, some of them!!! Loads of books here for alsorts of craft ideas!


Please help me out here!! I need the space! I've tried offering some of the craft stuff to the charity shops but they don't want it!!!!!
All proceeds will be going to my local Macmillan Fundraising group here on the island!
By the way, the kitty from my Macmillan Fundraising store on Folksy


now stands at over £50 so a huge THANK YOU to everyone that has bought items either from my store or from the other stores on Folksy that are offering items for sale in their store!!!

Oh well, guess I better get back to sorting out that pile of stuff on the floor in the corner of the room!!!!


  1. That's a fab amount you've raised Kaz, well done!!
    Dodgy heading for your blog tho', there might just be a crafty person who goes and makes you a tardis now!!! x

  2. I could do with a tardis too!! If you find anyone selling one please let me know!

    Fantastic amount raised.