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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Hair today - almost gone!!!

Well, the 2nd session of chemo went ok last Thursday! The hair has almost gone now - just got a few bits left across the top of my head! Have started wearing something called a "bikers buff". Quite an ingenious thing really and much easier than a scarf to wear! Its just a tube of microfibre that (usually) bikers pull over their head and then pull the front up over their mouth when wearing their helmets! Its so comfy!! A friend gave me a lovely one as a gift and then I found some cheaper ones in the £1 shop so I now have a growing collection of funky headwear!!

My Parents have come up to the island for a few days on a coach trip and are camped up in the local hotel enjoying the delights of a fully inclusive package!! The weather isn't really doing its bit however, but then it is only early April!! Never mind, we are going out to Ettrick Bay today for a walk along the beach - even if it does rain!!!!!

The Macmillan store on Folksy has some lovely new items in it http://www.folksy.com/shops/MacmillanFundraising

including some lovely earrings that were donated by Trish at http://www.folksy.com/shops/moodycowdesigns

There have been sales at other Folksy stores that are supporting my fundraising - including a lovely wooly brooch by Sue at http://www.folksy.com/shops/susiej

I have also had yet more offers of donations to the cause and people offering to put items in their own shops and I want to say again just how grateful I am to everyone who has helped.

So far, sales total £33.45! I am aiming for £100 for around June. I would like to make my first donation to my local Macmillan group here on the island when I finish my chemotherapy - and before I start the radiotherapy!
I would be very grateful to you if you would pass on the link to anyone that you can think of - nothing would make my happier than to wake up one morning and find that the sales fairy had found her credit card and been on a sales spree - and of course she would have a clear conscience because it would all be for charity!!!!
Lets hope the sun shines today so I can take my Mom for a paddle in the sea!!!


  1. Hi,I was just wondering how many sessions of chemo you have to have? Are you feeling ok with it? I started to get my hair back about a year ago. It comes in pretty quick, its like a short graduated bob now.

    Hope it stays dry for you today
    Yvonne x

  2. Have a nice walk and paddle ! Are your parents from Notts too ? And thanks for the plug !

  3. Just to add a sprinkle of sunshine to your day, I have nominated your blog for a Sunshine Award. Hope you had a nice walk,we've been on the beach today here in sunny Suffolk!