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Friday, 16 April 2010

That Elusive First Sale!

We all know whats it like! You set up your store on Folksy; you fill it full of your lovely handmade items; you blog about it; you tweet about it; you even set up a Facebook fan page; your store gets lots of visits (you know this because you set up Google analyticts!!) but that first sale just never seems to come!

It can be very downheartening, especially if this is your first foray into selling your items! You start wondering what you're doing wrong! Are you products not good enough; priced to high; priced to low?!!

So I though I'd play Sales Fairy Godmother today and highlight some of the lovely stores on Folksy that are awaiting their first sale. Perhaps if I sprinkle some fairy dust around then they might make a sale before midnight!!

With all the lovely sunshine that there is around at the moment, this unusual suncatcher is sure to look great hung in a window!

This really funky bag is lovely and would definetley make you stand out from the crowd!

These lovely bracelets are very nice - the woven celtic patterns are very traditional yet the styling is quite modern!


The photography here is wonderful! This print reminds me of a local wood that we walk through which is carpetted in bluebells in the spring! Its lovely and relaxing to walk through there!


I just love beads - especially when they are turned into lovely earrings! Trying to convince Hubby that I can't always just make my own is like trying to convice Dracula to become a vegetarian!

These gorgeous heart earrings are just the sort of thing I love! Unusual and classy!


Well, I guess a girl can never have to many bags (or earings, come to that!) so here's another lovely bag - very summery and sure to be a winner on the beach!!


I hope that you'll agree with me that these items all deserve to be flying off the shelf!

I've sprinkled my fairy dust around Folksy this morning so I hope that the sales fairy follows the trail and hopefully these stores will soon be celebrating their first sale - and you never know, she may pop into your store aswell!!


  1. Ooo some new shops for me to browse, lovely picks, great suncatcher ;0)

  2. They're all fantastic picks but I love the bracelet, Di x

  3. Love the bag! It's gorgeous! Great picks : ) x

  4. Ooh! Thank you for picking my spiders! Love the bracelet too, :-)

  5. The bluebell woods pic is lovely - reminds me of where we went to as kids as well - I can smell it now!

  6. I made that exact same bag for a giveaway on my blog in February. It's from a Cath Kidston book, loved it but it didn't suit me so had to give it away and it ended up with a nice lady in the USA. I hope someone buys the one shown here :)

  7. what a lovely idea, hope your fairy dust works its magic!