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Friday, 30 April 2010

Anyone for Coffee?

I just can't get started in the morning without my big mug full of hot, steaming coffee!! My biggest worry when I started the chemotherapy was that I'd end up hating the taste of it, as thats often one of the side effects, but thankfully that hasn't happened!

So in honour of my favourite drink, this weeks Folksy Friday is all about coffee!!!

This great badge by FLUFFY THOUGHTS
http://www.folksy.com/items/240413-Large-I-Love-Coffee-Badge is just £1.80!

I adore the smell of coffee aswell as the taste so I just bet that these votive candles are adorable! From ONE STOP PAMPER SHOP http://www.folksy.com/items/384625-Vanilla-Latte-scented-votive-candle why not grab yourself a couple and put the kettle on and relax!!!
Right, now that we've got the atmoshpere just right, its time to make the coffee! I'm easily pleased, and just open a jar! But if you like to do it properly, then you probably use a cafetiere so you'll need a cosy for it!!
This one is being sold by KINNAIRD
Now the coffee is brewed, you'll need a good mug to put it in!
This one is a real winner! Made by MARK SMALLEY CERAMICS

After, drinking the coffee, you'll need to wash your hands so this wonderful soap is bound
to help extend the coffee experience!

And no Folksy Friday is complete without a little piece of jewellery and this is good enough to eat!
I think its a beautiful statement necklace!
Well, thats me all ready for another mug of my favourite drink!
Hope that you've enjoyed my little selection of treats!


  1. Great theme, I am a huge coffee lover, the cafetiere cover is a great idea too! Di x

  2. I love all these items especially the coffee mug :)

  3. Great selection, now off to put the kettle on!!

  4. Ooh i love the badge and soap! Great choices : ) x