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Saturday, 16 January 2010

New Year, New Life???

Well, 2010 is certainly getting off to a difficult start!!
My health took a bad knock last year and I ended up in hospital in early summer! Things began to improve, and I was looking forward to starting 2010 on a positive note and getting my old life back on track!
However, things are never that simple, are they??

I am due to go into hospital on 25th Jan for a major operation (won't bore you with all the details!) and will be out of action for some while! So all my crafting activities will have to take a back seat! This has forced me to re-evaluate what I do and I have decided to close down the store that I have on Etsy! Everything is reduced in price so if you're looking to get yourself something unique and handmade or possibly buy a gift, then pop along and have a look! The store will close on 24th January!

So I guess its time to sit down and have a good think about the future and decide what I what to happen! Lets go put the kettle on!!!

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  1. I hope the operation goes well. Take care of yourself. x