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Friday, 28 May 2010

More Goodies for Macmillan

The Macmillan fundraising is on going! After a short lull since I reached my first target of £100, the amount is stating to creep up slowly towards the second £100. Thats my new target for when I finish my radiotherapy in mid July!
I've made a few new items and some of them have been listed in my Folksy shop that I set up especially for this purpose.

This lovely bracelet
began life as an old broken necklace that was given to me by the lady who runs our local Oxfam shop. I dismantled it all and made a couple of these bracelets! I gave one back to her and the other is being sold for Macmillan!

This bracelet is made up of about 4 old necklaces and I had
great fun making about 3 or 4 similar ones using different

I've also got a few items that have been donated by other
lovely Folksy sellers.

A lovely bracelet was kindly donated by Frances at http://www.folksy.com/shops/DesignedByFrances and she is also selling a lovely necklace for Macmillan in her store aswell!

donated some pretty earrings
I've been busy making lots more lovely items to go in the store so why not pop along and have a look!
I start my radiotherapy on 2nd June and finish on 7th July and would dearly love to reach the second £100 target by then!
I hope you like the selection of goodies that I've selected to show you and please remember that Macmillan are a charity and rely on fundraising in order to carry out the wonderful work that they do!

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