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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Oh dear!!!

Well, after blogging a couple of days ago about having a good clear out - what have I gone and done?
Only bought a huge job lot of beads from a lovely lady over on Folksy! And when I say a huge job lot - I mean HUGE!!!!!
Hubby will go nuts when the parcel arrives - mind you with any luck it will come at the end of the week when I'm over on the mainland at the hospital!!!
I should be able to get away with it by telling him that I will be putting all the lovely items to very good use and making (and hopefully) selling items to go towards my fundraising for Macmillan.
Just need to find some space to put it all now! :-)
If anyone is feeling sorry for me and would like to take some lovely goodies off my hands to free up some space then have a look here!


Oh well, back to the sort out!!!

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