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Friday, 14 May 2010

Mushrooms, Toadstools and Fungi!

Well its that time of the week again!
So here's my selection for Folksy Friday! This week, I'm following
a fungi theme!
As most of you know by now, I have a liking for funky earrings so these ones really caught my eye!
Made by Helen at Glamorous Glue.
My next offering is this wonderful mad march hare!
By Pixie Doodle Gifts it is a lovely print of an original watercolour
and pencil illustration.
Looks like this fun guy is having a great time!
Even though its now almost mid-may the nights can still be a bit
chilly, especially up here on the west coast of Scotland so this cute
hot water botle cover would be ideal!
Made by rainbow fairy dust, it comes complete with a brand new
bottle and a lovely sachet of dried lavender that you pop inside the cover to release the soothing fragrance that will quickly have you drifting off to laa laa land!
This lovely mushroom charm bracelet is made by Jacqui at Making Moments.
Made with cute glass mushrooms I think
this is a lovely bracelet.

Next up is this really lovely pin brooch featuring a cute caterpillar
and some toadstools!
Made by Fluffsstuffs.

My final mushroom offering is this lovely little coin purse.
Made by Valerie of Girl of the Sixties.

I hope that you like my little selection for this weeks Folksy Friday. I must apologise for not being able to give links back to the shops but my computer refuses to copy and paste this morning and my brain is too fuddled to write out the links myself!! If the computer behaves later on, then I will come back an add the links!
Really sorry!


  1. What a fun selection - the mad march hare made me smile, I remember when I could leap frog! Di x

  2. Nice selection, I love the hare as well.
    Have a nice weekend.

  3. Good selection. One for my Dad : ) (he LOVES mushrooms) Lovely bracelet. Very cute.

  4. A great theme, loving the hot water bottle cover.

    Cate x

  5. Todastools are soo cute! Really like Fluffstuffs buttons but the rest are fantastic too!

  6. The mushroom theme seems popular on Folksy Friday today, there have been a couple of others and no repeats! Just shows how much there is to choose from at Folksy. Great picks.

  7. Ah Ha! Two mushroom / fungi FF Blogs, amazing!

    And neither of us duplicated each other! We must not only be the fungi mad ones on Folksy!

    Natalie x